Best Golf Irons 2018

Top Five Golf Iron Sets

Heading to the golf course is fun but only when you have the right iron set in hand.

For those who are looking to up their game and step into the world of excellent results, it’s time to look at the leading golf irons sets on sale right now. Here are the top five according to golf experts around the world. These golf sets are tested for performance, durability, build quality and overall value.

This information will make buying a golf iron set easier than ever before.

TaylorMade M2 (2018)

1) Compact Shaping
2) Face Slot Technology
3) 180-Degree Fluted Hosel
4) Includes High-Density Tungsten
5) Balanced Weight Distribution
6) Higher Launch For Improve Distance Metrics

This is one of those intriguing golf sets that will make you look twice. It is rated as the best golf iron set on Amazon right now, and it holds great weight. This is a high-quality option that has been defined by some of the best minds on the planet. The engineering is precise, and the quality of materials is hard to ignore. You are going to adore having this on hand at the golf course because of its balanced approach. Too many golf iron sets offer quality materials, but the balance is all over the place. TaylorMade M2 doesn’t provide such issues. It is easy to use and is going to gel with the rest of your golfing approach in seconds. This is what makes it exciting and a unique addition to your collection of equipment.

One of the features that stands out for this golf iron set is its ability to offer 180-degree fluted hosel within its setup. This is key for those who want a consistent approach at the golf course without the golf swing being impeded. The wrong golf iron set can hinder one’s progression and ruin everything. Since it has the 180-degree fluted hosel, you have a more excellent range of motion, and the durability goes through the roof too! This is one of the key reasons most are pushing towards this high-end option.

The face slot technology adds to the value of this iron set and how well it functions.

The technology is built to offer forgiveness when it comes to your shot. As soon as the swing goes through, the iron will balance itself out ensuring the strike is as clean as possible. For most people, this is where their swing can go awry, but that doesn’t have to be the case with a good option in hand. The right golf iron set can do wonders, and that is what happens when you have an opportunity such as this. The face slot technology is a primary reason for this being an elite golf iron set and one of the better ones on offer right now. Take advantage of this technology and watch as your scores go through the roof in seconds. You are going to be a changed golfer with this in your hands!

Callaway X Series

1) Made From Callaway Steel For Stiff/Regular Flex
2) Built For Distance Shots
3) Offers Forgiveness On Shots
4) Patented Callaway Design

For those who want a budget-friendly golf iron set that will help them play on the golf course, this is the one to go with. Callaway is a proven name in the golf industry and has earned critical acclaim for the work it does yearly. It can come out with some of the most beautiful golf iron sets every year, and that’s what makes this a winner. You are getting refined quality, and that is hard to locate in this day and age. This golf iron set is immaculately designed and looks like it should when you’re holding it in your hands. There are too many golf iron sets that are difficult to grip or just don’t have the quality to them that you would desire while playing. However, this can manage well and looks the part to a tee. You are going to feel comfortable as soon as you walk around on the golf course and see the shot you have to make. This golf iron set will help you out.

The real worry people tend to have when it comes to new equipment is forgiveness. You don’t want to head out and start hitting shots all over the place. You want things to be consistent and as straight as an arrow, so your targeting is on point. If there are issues here, the golf iron set will become more of a burden for you to deal with. Stick to this golf iron set and know you are going to hit the ball straight whenever you swing. This is a comforting thought and one of the reasons people like having this in their hands.

This is also a great golf iron set for those who want to hit the long ball. If you are looking to swing out of your shoes and get real leverage behind a shot, this is the one to go with. You are going to hit it far as soon as you go through with the swing. The steel is robust and is going to take a pounding before it breaks down on you, which is why you can get greater distance on each swing. You will want to have this on your list of options!

Cleveland Golf Launcher Iron Set

1) Infusion of New Technology
2) Includes Distinct Cleveland Look
3) Shaft Flexes: Regular, Lite, Stiff
4) Cleveland Blue Cap Stock Grip
5) True Temper Stock Shaft
6) Deep CG Position For Maximum Launch
7) High-Strength Steel Face

Heading to the golf course means you want to look good with what is in your hands. One of the reasons you are going to like this Cleveland Golf Launcher iron set has to do with its elegance. The balanced steel and overall quality of the iron set are hard to beat. You are not going to find too many better-looking options on the market right now. It does the trick for those who want an aesthetically pleasing solution that is going to work well and will continue to drive in results in the long-run.

It starts with the infusion of new technology. This is one of the reasons you want to go with a Cleveland Golf product. They know what it takes to offer a fashionable, high-end option that is going to look great and will continue to improve your golf score as time goes on. The reason has to do with the placement of the stock shaft and how balanced everything is. It is going to be well spread, and you will control the shots quickly as soon as the swing goes through. This is important when buying a new golf iron set.

Another reason to look at this among the options out there has to do with the high-strength steel face. This is compact, durable, and built like a truck. When you swing, it is going to go a mile! This is why golfers like getting this set and putting it to use right away. It can manage longer distances efficiently, and that is important for those who are keeping a tally. You don’t want to see a reduction in your scores because the golf iron set can’t manage to keep up! This is why you are going to enjoy this option by Cleveland Golf.

For those who are looking to get started on the golf course and may never have owned a set in the past, this is a great place to look. You are getting a set that is balanced, easy to use, and works well with all types of swings. You are not going to feel out of control when you swing and that matters a lot.

Callaway Steelhead XR

1) Hollow Bore-Thru Hosel Design For Reduced Weight
2) 360 Face Cup Technology For Better Hits
3) Stronger Face For Longer Hits
4) Stock Steel Shaft: True Temper XP
5) Matrix F135 (Stock Graphite Shaft)
6) Lower CG For Better and Higher Launch
7) Soft Steel-Infused Shock Eliminator

The Callaway Steelhead XR is a tremendous golf iron set and deserves a place on this list with the rest. You are getting a golf iron set that is made from pure materials sourced from the best suppliers. This is where the quality of a Callaway product comes to the forefront. Other products tend to skimp on this, and that is unacceptable, but that is not the case here. You are looking at the use of a hollow bore-thru hosel design that is going to reduced distributed weight across the golf iron set. This means you are going to be able to get through your swing faster than ever before. It will be a joy for you to get out there and swing from the hips while seeing greater distances. This is what makes the technology exciting!

You are also getting the robust steel-infused shock eliminator, which is one of the patented additions to their lineup. What this does is add to the amount of shock reduction as soon as contact is made. You are going to see a reduced sensation as soon as the swing goes through. This is ideal for those who want to understand the beauty of timing and wish to hit the ball squarely. If not, you may end up skewing it to the side, and that is hardly a good thing! This is why most are looking at the Callaway Steelhead XR golf iron set as one of the significant additions to enter the market.

Japan Epron TRG

1) High-Speed Face Insert for Better Shots
2) Progressive Sole Design
3) Made in Japan
4) Chrome Milled Finish
5) Enhanced Face Insert For Customized Thickness

The Japanese are renowned for their electronics but what about their golf iron sets? Yes, the Japan Epron TRG is a worldwide sensation and a deserving entry on this list. This iron set is great because it has a unique presence to it that is hard to overcome. You are going to love it as soon as you take a peek. This is the charm of a set from Japan because they have refined the golf iron set to maximize performance. The face is uniquely shaped giving you ample leverage as soon as you swing.

This has to do with the high-speed face insert that is located to maximize the point of contact. Once contact is made, the ball is going to travel, and that’s a guarantee from the manufacturer.

The chrome milled finish adds to the overall elegance of this golf iron set and how it all comes together. You aren’t going to find golf iron sets that have this level of finish, and that has to do with the quality of craftsmanship in Japan. They know how to put together a beautiful product, and this is among the best in the business.

The customized thickness is another selling point that will make people applause. The golf game is all about understanding how to maximize your shot and your approach. The only way this happens is with the right face insert. With the customized thickness, you can choose a golf iron set that is built for your game and its needs.

This is exemplary for those who want to personalize it down to the last detail.

These are the ultimate golf iron sets on sale right now. Take the time to analyze each one based on your needs and buy a great set. It’s all about taking the time to figure out what you want and how it is going to work out for you at the golf course. Some prefer to go with a high-performance solution while others just want a great deal. It comes down to your preference.

As long as you are sticking to these golf iron sets, you are going to get a deal of a lifetime, and it will improve your game on the golf course too.